SKK Instant Battleground console configuration

Article:  SKK Instant Battleground console configuration Mod Name: SKK Instant Battleground Mod File: SKKBattleground.ESP Source: Platform: Fallout 4 (PC, XBOX) Author: Date:     October 2017 Version: 017 onwards

Global Variables that can be set with the console, or Papyrus remote script propertiesv ia GetFormFromFile, or MCM if you want to write a json thing:

[0|*1] Enables and disables an ally team.

[2|4|6|8|99] The number of hostile teams, should be even. 99 is random.

[2|4|6|8|99] The number of actors per hostile and friendly team, should be even. 99 is random.

[50|75|*100|125|150|999] Sets NPC spawn level % relative to player level, 999 is random per team.

[0|1|2|3|99] Spawn distance in game units from the datum: 0 Danger Close 1500, 1 Near 3500, 2 Medium 7500, 3 Far 10,000, 99 random.

SKK_IBTurrets 01
[0|1] Enables and disables battlefield turrets.

[0|1|2] 0 Disabled, 1 Enables actor map markers, 2 enables spawn point map markers. This setting takes effect instantly, can be switched during a battle.

[0|1|2] Actor team hostility to each other 0 none (all fight player), 2 some, 3 all hostile top each other (spectate).

0 = Same faction teams from random pool
1 = Mixed faction teams from random pool
2 = Alien swarm
3 = Raider riot
4 = Gunner attack
5 = Institute takeover (only if the script sets SKK_IBInstituteAvailable  == 1)
6 = BOS invasion (only if the script sets SKK_IBBOSAvailable  == 1)
7 = SuperMutant stupidity
8 = Feral Ghoul frenzy

To start a battle call function
cqf SKK_IBLoadQuest “SKK_IBLoadScript.ValidateQuestStart”

To stop and cleanup a battle call function
cqf SKK_IB “SKK_IBMainScript.CleanUpQuest” 0


To set global variables with the game console use [set VARIABLE to VALUE].

Setting a value outside of the preset settings will stop that item from showing as a holotape menu selection. If you want to use the holotape again, reset ranges.

;; SKKBattleground sample console bat file

set SKK_IBAllyTeams to 1
set SKK_IBHostileTeams to 4
set SKK_IBNPCPerTeam to 4
set SKK_IBDifficulty to 100
set SKK_IBShowMarkers to 0
set SKK_IBSpawnDistance to 2
set SKK_IBTurrets to 0
set SKK_IBHostilesHostility to 2
set SKK_IBHostileMixedTeams to 0
cqf SKK_IBLoadQuest “SKK_IBLoadScript.ValidateQuestStart”