Fallout 4-76 console configuration 038 LEGACY

Article:  Fallout 4-76 console configuration Mod Name: Fallout 4-76 Open World Mod File: SKK476OpenWorld.ESP Source: https://skkmods-www01.azurewebsites.net/mod/fallout-476-open-world/ Platform: Fallout 4 (PC, XBOX) Author: skk.50@outlook.com Date:     June 2018 to amrch 2022 Version: 007 to 038

This article is only relevant for LEGACY installations of Fallout 4-76 on versions 007  June 2018 to 038 March 2022.

For the current March 2022 series 040 onwards refer to Fallout 4-76 console configuration and actor lists.

Global Variables that can be set with the console, Papyrus remote script properties via GetFormFromFile, or MCM if you want to write a json thing.

Settings are evaluated at the start of each functions timer cycle if SKK_476Enabled = 1.

To set global variables with the game console use [set VARIABLE to VALUE]

[*0|1] A one time switch to enable the open world transformation, activated by:
Script (SKK_476MainQuest as SKK_476MainQuestScript).Fallout476Enable()
Console [ cqf SKK_476MainQuest “SKK_476MainQuestScript.Fallout476Enable” ]

[-1|*0|1|2|3] -1 Replace with nothing, 0 spawn Feral, 1 spawn Synth, 2 Spawn Raider, 99 Spawn CUSTOM ACTOR** at every disabled NPC,  Random Encounter zone marker, BOSS container marker and some wilderness workbenches.

SKK_476ReplaceDeadActors (v037 onwards)
[0|*1] Does what it says.

SKK_476DeathItemEnabled  (v037 onwards)
[0|*1] Add a collectable death tag to spawned actors.

[0:32768] 0 is off, 0.0416 is one game hour, default is 8 days to respawn dead replacement actors when actor replacement markers load.

[*0|1] Do not spawn in LocTypeWorkshop tagged locations (not the same as build areas).

[0|*1] Replacement actors are only killed with a headshot.
Call function to switch: cqf SKK_476MainQuest “SKK_476MainQuestScript.SwitchHeadshotKills”

[*0|1|2|3] Griefers spawn as 0 Feral, 1 Synth, 2 Raider, 99 CUSTOM ACTOR**

[0:32768] (Holotape 0:5:10:20:30) Real time minutes between hostile followers spawning [random N to N*2] 0 disabled is default.
Call function to switch: cqf SKK_476MainQuest “SKK_476MainQuestScript.SwitchGriefer”

[0:32768] (Holotape 0:5:10:20:30) Real time Minutes between nuke strikes [random N to N*2] 0 disabled is default setting.
Call function to switch: cqf SKK_476MainQuest “SKK_476MainQuestScript.SwitchNuke”

[0|*1|2] Show no warning, warning message, map markers for Griefers and Nukes]

[0|*1] As it says.
Call function switch: cqf SKK_476MainQuest “SKK_476MainQuestScript.SwitchVendors”

[*0|1] As it says.
Call function to switch: cqf SKK_476MainQuest “SKK_476MainQuestScript.SwitchRadiantRescueQuest”

[0|25|50|75|*100] The percent chance of loot spawning in loot containers and NOT removing placed misc/junk items from the world.
Call function to switch: cqf SKK_476MainQuest  “SKK_476MainQuestScript.SwitchLootChance”

Sample startup bat file:

set SKK_476ReplaceNPC to 1
set SKK_476ReplaceDeadActors to 0
set SKK_476RespawnGameDays to 0.125
set SKK_476SpawnNearWorkshops to 0
set SKK_476HeadshotKills to 0
set SKK_476GrieferTimerSeed to 10
set SKK_476GrieferNPC to 1
set SKK_476NukeTimerSeed to 0
set SKK_476ShowHostileNotification to 1
set SKK_476RadiantRescueQuestEnabled to 0
set SKK_476SurvivorBleedout to 2
set SKK_476EnableRobotVendors to 1
set SKK_476LootChance to 100
set SKK_476Mutations to 1
cqf SKK_476MainQuest “SKK_476MainQuestScript.Fallout476Enable”

(*) default setting

(**) Spawn CUSTOM only If SKK_476CustomActorInstalled = 1 by validating ActorBase at 0x00000800 in SKK476CustomActor.esp