Fallout 4-76 unique item clues SPOILER

Article:  Fallout 4-76 unique item clues SPOILER Mod Name: Fallout 4-76 Open World Mod File: SKK476OpenWorld.ESP Source: https://skkmods-www01.azurewebsites.net/mod/fallout-476-open-world/ Platform: Fallout 4 (PC, XBOX) Author: skk.50@outlook.com Date:      November 2018 Version: 018 onwards

If you want to find the Fallout 4-76 unique items, some additional insights to to help avoid frustration.


(1) Radiation toasted health foods are the foundation of a sceptred haven.

foundation [roots]
sceptred [island]
haven [sanctuary]

You have to actually READ the item for it to work, just like Perks and Plans in 76.

(2) Listen for the whispers that deliver a never ending pistol.

whispers  [ Tommy ]
deliver [ er ]

(3) I AM LEGEND, where ferals have much to learn about quadrilaterals.

ferals [ where are there a bunch of them ]
much to learn [ type of learning institution ]
quadrilaterals [ is another other name for ]

This is a shameless lift from the book READY PLAYER ONE (no, not the dumb movie).

(4) This item may be lost in time, like tears in rain.

Is a movie quote*
With an Easter egg in the base game

(*) If you do not recognise this quote you should not be playing Fallout 4 /fact 😉