SKK Workshop Utilities console configuration

Article:  SKK Workshop Utilities console configuration Mod Name: SKK Workshop Ownership Utilities Mod File: SKKWorkshopUtilities.ESP Source: Platform: Fallout 4 (PC, XBOX) Author: Date: August 2018 Version: 003 onwards

Global Variables that can be set remotely as Papyrus script properties via GetFormFromFile, or MCM if you want to write a patch, or through the game console to configure the mod.

For a Global Variable setting change to take effect, the associated quest script function must be called.


To set global variables with the game console use [set VARIABLE to VALUE].


[0|*1] Auto provision missing holotape OnPlayerLoadGame

SKK_WUAllowAttacks SKK_WUAttack

[*0|1] *Disable settlement attacks.

cqf SKK_WU “SKK_WUMainScript.SetWorkshopAttributes”


[*0|1] Disable or enable Minutemen radiant quests (help defend, kidnapping, problem with) on owned workshops

cqf SKK_WU “SKK_WUMainScript.SetWorkshopAttributes”

SKK_WUAllowUnownedFromLowHappiness SKK_WUHappiness

[0|*1|2] 0 = Disable loss of ownership, 1 = Enable loss of settlement ownership due to low happiness. 2 = Disable loss of ownership and force maintain SKK_WUForcedMinimumHappiness value every 24 game hours.

cqf SKK_WU “SKK_WUMainScript.SetWorkshopAttributes”



[0:100] Default 70 minimum happiness (for production rates) to enforce when SKK_WUAllowUnownedFromLowHappiness is set to 2.

SKK_WUOwnVassals SKK_WUVassal

[0|*1] *Enable Raider vassal workshop ownership.

cqf SKK_WU “SKK_WUMainScript.SetWorkshopAttributes”


[*0|1||2] 0 Disable fast travel in Survival game mode. 1 allow fast travel to any enabled map marker, 2 allow fast travel only to owned settlement map markers.

cqf SKK_WU “SKK_WUFastTravelScript.SwitchSurvivalFastTravel()


[0* : 1] Percentage of player caps to remove to tax fast travel. Holotape settings are (0.05 for 5%) (0.10 for 10%).

cqf SKK_WU “SKK_WUFastTravelScript.SwitchFastTravelFee()

SKK_WUFillAllWaterBottles [demised in version 013]

[*0|1] *Disable fill all bottles perk.

cqf SKK_WU “SKK_WUMainScript.SwitchFillAllWaterBottles()

SKK_WUCrunchPlayerJunk [demised in version 013]

[*0|1] *Disable automatic crunching of junk added to player inventory.

cqf SKK_WU “SKK_WUMainScript.SwitchCrunchPlayerJunk”


[*0|1] Add or remove LocalLeader perks to allow workbench construction if the player does not have them already. When disabled this will restore whatever perk condition was found when it was enabled.

cqf SKK_WU “SKK_WUMainScript.SwitchWorkbenchConstruction”


[*0|1] Show or hide a [ CONSOLIDATE ] all workshop inventories activate menu option on red workshops.

cqf SKK_WU “SKK_WUMainScript.SwitchWorkshopConsolidateMenu”


[*0|1] Show or hide a [Transfer to Sanctuary] activate menu option on all containers.

cqf SKK_WU “SKK_WUMainScript.SwitchContainerTransferMenu”


[*0|1] Automatically repair damaged workshop items [WorkshopLinkedItem] after running Workshop consolidate.

cqf SKK_WU “SKK_WUMainScript.WorkshopOwner”

cqf SKK_WU “SKK_WUMainScript.WorkshopDisowner”

Take or remove ownership of the workshop in the current location. This uses GetWorkshopFromLocation() if it doesn’t work you have a corrupt workshop list. Will not disown Sanctuary or the Castle to avoid breaking main quests.

cqf SKK_WU “SKK_WUMainScript.OwnAllWorkshops”

This bypasses confirmation message, be sure you want to do this.

cqf SKK_WU “SKK_WUMainScript.DisownAllWorkshops”

Will not disown Sanctuary or the Castle to avoid breaking main quests.

cqf SKK_WU “SKK_WUMainScript.WorkshopConsolidate”

Must be run in the same location as a destination workshop with 3D loaded or you may lose stuff. This uses GetWorkshopFromLocation() if it doesn’t work you have a corrupt workshop list.

cqf SKK_WU “SKK_WUMainScript.SleepSave”

Can hotkey anytime anywhere.


[*0 | 1] Create an [SKK Auto Save Item] in AID inventory for favourite/hotkey

cqf SKK_WU “SKK_WUMainScript.SwitchSaveItem”

cqf SKK_WU “SKK_WUMainScript.CreateCookingPot”

Should not deploy in a workshop build area.

cqf SKK_WU “SKK_WUMainScript.SettlementStarter”

If the current location is tagged as a workshop with no population this will generate a settler, sleeping bag, food plant, water pump and turret linked to the workshop for production and happiness.

cqf SKK_WU “SKK_WUMainScript.WorkshopStats”

Validates the WorkshopParent arrays, offer to fix errors.

cqf SKK_WU “SKK_WUMainScript.UpdateMinutemenQuests”

Update Minuteman central quest workshop recruitment stats to bump dependent quests (Taking Independence, Form Ranks, Defend the Castle).


[*0 | 1] Disable or enable the recruitment beacon using the number of beds (minus one) to hire and fire settlers.

cqf SKK_WU “SKK_WUMainScript.SwitchRecruitmentRadioBeds”


[*0 | 1] Disable or enable an activation menu on provisioners that shows their route and allow it to be cancelled.

cqf SKK_WU “SKK_WUMainScript.SwitchProvisionerMenu”


[*0 | 1] Show provisioners on the map to hunt them down.

cqf SKK_WU “SKK_WUMainScript.SwitchProvisionerMapMark”


[*0 | 1] Enable items in the building/crafting menus
Building: Settler spawn radio, Wandering Trader Point of Sale, Perk free cooking pot
Crafting: Wild Vegetable Starch, Wild Mutfruit Puree, Cat Kebabs

Example console BAT file

set SKK_WUAllowAttacks to 0;
set SKK_WUOwnVassals to 1;
set SKK_WUAllowMMQuests to 1;
set SKK_WUAllowUnownedFromLowHappiness to 2;
set SKK_WUForcedMinimumHappiness to 70;
cqf SKK_WU “SKK_WUMainScript.SetWorkshopAttributes”;

set SKK_WUWorkbenchConstruction to 1;
cqf SKK_WU “SKK_WUMainScript.SwitchWorkbenchConstruction”;

set SKK_WUWorkshopConsolidateMenu to 0;
cqf SKK_WU “SKK_WUMainScript.SwitchWorkshopConsolidateMenu”;

set SKK_WUContainerTransferMenu to 0;
cqf SKK_WU “SKK_WUMainScript.SwitchContainerTransferMenu”;

set SKK_WUSaveItemEnabled to 1;
cqf SKK_WU “SKK_WUMainScript.SwitchSaveItem”;

set SKK_WURecruitmentRadioBeds to 1;
cqf SKK_WU “SKK_WUMainScript.SwitchRecruitmentRadioBeds”;

set SKK_WUProvisionerMenuEnabled to 0;
cqf SKK_WU “SKK_WUMainScript.SwitchProvisionerMenu”;

set SKK_WUProvisionerMapMark to 0;
cqf SKK_WU “SKK_WUMainScript.SwitchProvisionerMapMark”;

set SKK_WUFindUnassignedSettlers to 0;
cqf SKK_WU “SKK_WUMainScript.FindUnassignedSettlers”;

set SKK_WUSurvivalFastTravel to 2;
cqf SKK_WU “SKK_WUFastTravelScript.SwitchSurvivalFastTravel”;

set SKK_WUFastTravelFee to 0.1;
cqf SKK_WU “SKK_WUFastTravelScript.SwitchFastTravelFee”;

set SKK_WUAutoRepair to 1;
set SKK_WUTraderContainerCooldownTime to 900;
set SKK_WUEnableCoRecipes to 1

To take ownership of a workshop without using this mod console; “WorkshopScript.SetOwnedByPlayer” 1