SKK Combat Stalkers console configuration

Article:  SKK Combat Stalkers console configuration Mod Name: SKK Combat Stalkers Mod File: SKKCombatStalkers.ESP Source: Platform: Fallout 4 (PC, XBOX) Author: Date:     March 2018 Version: 008 onwards

Global Variables that can be set with the console, or Papyrus remote script properties via GetFormFromFile, or MCM if you want to write a json thing:

[0|*1] Add config holotape to player inventory if missing at each game load.

[0|*1] Force holotape default settings. If you apply default settings, after calling SpawnCleanup to apply them [set SKK_CSDefaultSettings to 0] or the default settings will keep over-riding any further changes.

[0|*1] Enables and disables stalker spawning.

[0|*1] Enables and disables patrol spawning.

[0|*1] Enables and disables vertibird overwatch for appropriate factions.

[50|75|*100|125|150] Sets NPC spawn level % relative to player level.

[*1|2|3|4|-1] Hostile spawn size minimum N to maximum N*2 plus one per follower. -1 is random 2 to 8 plus one per follower. In all cases the max cap is 16 hostile actors so the game gas time to update AI follower player movement packages.

[30 : 65536] Minimum real time seconds to spawn, default 300.

[(>SKK_CSTimerMin) : 65536] Maximum real time seconds to spawn, default 600.

[1024 : ((uGridsToLoad*4096)/4)] Minimum stalker spawn distance in game units, default 3,000. Patrol spawn distance is (N * 1.33).

[(SKK_CSDistanceMin*2) : ((uGridsToLoad*4096)/2)] Maximum stalker spawn distance in game units, default 6,000. Patrol spawn distance is (N * 1.33). The minimum distance must provide enough arc area to find safe spawn points. If this is set to greater than the uGridsToLoad active area around the player (default 10,240) actors will spawn unloaded and AI pathing will be unpredictable.

[0|*1|2|3] No notifications, Warning, Warning with number & bearing, Map markers.

[*0|1] Spawn stalkers and Patrols when the player is in a workshop or settlement location. (v012)

[*0|1] Spawn stalkers when the player is in an interior location. (v017)

[*0|1] Only spawn when the player moves 5K units after the timer. This must be disabled when Interior is enabled as many interiors do not have that range of movement.

[0|*1] Remove CS from all factions so they are neutral to innocent NPCs. Disable to indulge less thoughtful mods. (v016)

[*0|1] CS spawned hostiles are only killed when they take a headshot (v017).

[0|*1] Disable scripts injecting hostile actors from Nuka and Coast DLCs if installed. (v021)

[0|*1] Disable scripts injecting factions (Institute, BOS, RailRoad) if player relations are hostile (v026)

To apply settings before the next spawn cycle run [cqf SKK_CS “SKK_CSMainScript.SpawnCleanup”]


To set global variables with the game console use [set VARIABLE to VALUE].

All settings are evaluated before each spawn cycle triggers.

Setting a value outside of the preset settings will stop that item from showing as a holotape menu selection. If you want to use the holotape again, reset ranges using:

Holotape reset [Default settings ENABLED] [>>> SUBMIT] or console [set SKK_CSDefaultSettings to 1; cqf SKK_CS “SKK_CSMainScript.SpawnCleanup”; set SKK_CSDefaultSettings to 0]

;; SKKCombatStalkers sample console bat file

set SKK_CSForceHolotape to 1
Set SKK_CSDefaultSettings to 0;
set SKK_CSStalkerEnabled to 1;
set SKK_CSPatrolEnabled to 1;
set SKK_CSVertibirdEnabled to 1;
set SKK_CSDifficulty to 100;
set SKK_CSTeamSize to 2;
set SKK_CSTimerMin to 300;
set SKK_CSTimerMax to 600;
set SKK_CSShowNotification to 1;
set SKK_CSInnocentProtection to 1;
set SKK_CSSpawnInSettlements to 1;
set SKK_CSSpawnInInterior to 1;
set SKK_CSSpawnOnMovement to 0;
set SKK_CSHeadshotToKill to 0;
set SKK_CSUseDLCActors to 1;
set SKK_CSUseFactionRelationActors to 1;
cqf SKK_CS “SKK_CSMainScript.SpawnCleanup”