SKK Combat Settlers console configuration

Article:  SKK Combat Settlers console configuration Mod Name: SKK Combat Settlers Mod File: SKKCombatSettlers.ESP Source: Platform: Fallout 4 (PC, XBOX) Author: Date:      September 2018 Version: 014 onwards

Global Variables that can be set remotely as Papyrus script properties via GetFormFromFile, or MCM if you want to write a patch, or through the game console to configure the mod.

To set global variables with the game console use [set VARIABLE to VALUE]. For a Global Variable setting change to take effect, the associated quest script function must be called.



[*0|1] Auto provision missing holotape OnPlayerLoadGame


[*0|1] *Disable the mod functions.

cqf SKK_CSETQuest “SKK_CSETMainScript.SwitchEnabled”


[*0|1|2|3] *0 Disable damage (Protected), 1 Bleedout & Self recover (Essential), 2 Bleedout need Stimpak (Essential), 3 Mortal. This does not apply to Companions, Robots, Children assigned to workshops.

cqf SKK_CSETQuest “SKK_CSETMainScript.SwitchEnabled”


[0|*1] Set Unique named workshop assigned actors to damage setting (1) Bleedout & Self recover (Essential) to ensure associated quests can not be disrupted by bleedout or death.


[*0|1] *Disable or enable settlers self replenishing Stimpaks from the local workshop. SKK_CSETDamageSetting must be 2 for this to work.


[*0|2.5|5|10] Settler health to increment per player level from base 100 health.

cqf SKK_CSETQuest “SKK_CSETMainScript.SwitchEnabled”


[*0|1] *Disable or enable attaching SKK_476NoDisable keyword to prevent settlers from being removed by Fallout 4-76 Open World.

cqf SKK_CSETQuest “SKK_CSETMainScript.SwitchEnabled”

cqf SKK_CSETQuest “SKK_CSETMainScript.Switch476Protection” ;apply instant change to all owned workshop settlers (v015)


[0* | 1] To include or exclude, companions are those dismissed to settlements.

cqf SKK_CSETQuest “SKK_CSETMainScript.SwitchEnabled”

SKK_CSETSettlersGetShootingPerks (v015)

[*0|1] Apply or remove the players shooting perks, automatically updates on perk adds, includes Gunslinger, Rifleman, Commando, Heavygunner.

cqf SKK_CSETQuest “SKK_CSETMainScript.UpdatePerkList” 1 ;apply instant change to all settlers (v015)

SKK_CSETCommandMenuPerks to 1 (v015)

[*0|1] Enable the settler extended command menu for Powerarmor and to make Follower.

cqf SKK_CSETQuest “SKK_CSETMainScript.SwitchCommandMenuPerks”


[0|*1] Enable or disable settlers to self equip power armor in combat.

cqf SKK_CSETQuest “SKK_CSETMainScript.SwitchEnabled”


[0 | *1] 0 Disable or 1 Enable settlers damaging power armor components.

cqf SKK_CSETQuest “SKK_CSETMainScript.SwitchEnabled”

cqf skk_CSETquest “SKK_CSETPACommandScript.AllEnterPowerArmor”

All settlers in the local workshop build area enter nearest empty Power armor furniture. SKK_CSETUsePowerArmor must be set to 1.

cqf skk_CSETquest “SKK_CSETPACommandScript.AllExitPowerArmor”

All settlers in the local workshop build area exit worn Power Armor.


[*0 | 1] Display settler configuration messages for active workshops.


[*0 | 1] Map mark combat settler follower.

cqf SKK_CSETQuest “SKK_CSETFGollowerScript.SwitchFollowerMarker”;


[*0 | 1] Map mark all provisioners.

;;cqf SKK_CSETQuest “SKK_CSETMainScript.SwitchProvisionerMapMark”;


[*0 | 1 | 2 | 3] Set the settler combat aggression to 0 Default, 1 Cowardly, 2 Unaggressive, 3 Aggressive. Does not apply to guards who are always Aggressive.

cqf SKK_CSETQuest “SKK_CSETMainScript.SwitchEnabled”;


[0* | 1] Map mark unassigned setters for the local workshop.

cqf SKK_CSETQuest “SKK_CSETMainScript.FindUnassignedSettlers”;


[0* | 1 | 2] 0 disabled. 1 Auto upgrade of new settlers pipe weapons. 2 Auto upgrade new settlers plus they scavenge weapons/ammo after combat and return them all to the local workshop after combat.


[0* | 1 | 2] 0 Disabled, 1 Auto upgrade of new settlers outfits/armor with SKK_CSETOutfitWorkshopNPC, 2 Auto upgrade of new settlers outfits/armor with user xEditable SKK_CSETOutfitCustom.

Sample default console BAT file

set SKK_CSETForceHolotape to 0
set SKK_CSETEnabled to 1
set SKK_CSETDamageSetting to 0
set SKK_CSETProtectUnique to 1
set SKK_CSETLevelSettler to 0
set SKK_CSETSettlersTakeStimpaks to 0
set SKK_CSETSettlersGetShootingPerks to 0
set SKK_CSETCommandMenuPerks to 0
set SKK_CSETUsePowerArmor to 1
set SKK_CSETDamagePowerArmor to 1
set SKK_CSET476Protection to 0
set SKK_CSETShowMessagesMarkers to 0
set SKK_CSETAggression to 0
set SKK_CSETIncludeChildren to 0;
set SKK_CSETIncludeRobots to 0;
set SKK_CSETIncludeCompanions to 0;
set SKK_CSETManageWeapons to 0;
set SKK_CSETManageArmor to 0;
set SKK_CSETShowMessages to 0;
set SKK_CSETShowStimpakMarker to 1;
set SKK_CSETShowFollowerMarker to 0;
set SKK_CSETShowProvisionerMarker to 0;
cqf SKK_CSETQuest “SKK_CSETMainScript.SwitchEnabled”