Fallout 4-76 Import custom actors LEGACY

Article:  Fallout 4-76 Import Custom Actors LEGACY Mod Name: Fallout 4-76 Open World Mod File: SKK476OpenWorld.ESP Source: https://skkmods.com/mod/fallout-476-open-world/ Platform: Fallout 4 (PC, XBOX) Author: skk.50@outlook.com Date:     Feb 2019 Version: 031 onwards

Whilst this method can be used with the current Fallout 4-76 generation 040 onwards, better to use the more flexible SKK_476UserAddedActorList described in Fallout 4-76 console configuration and actor lists.

This is primarily for LEGACY installations of Fallout 4-76 on versions 007 (June 2018) to 038 (March 2022).

If you want to use your own custom replacement actor, you can:

> Use any existing base game/DLC actor, or
> Use any actor from another mod, or
> Make your own actor in the Creation Kit.

From version 031 Fallout 4-76 will detect the file SKK476CustomActor.esp and load whatever _NPC actor form is in location [nn000800] to offer as a [ CUSTOM ] replacement and griefer (Combat Stalker with bad attitude) actor in the holotape menu.

A recent request to include Aliens as an alternative replacement race got me thinking. The base game Aliens are simply rubbish at combat so I already customised them to be more fight-y for SKK Instant Battleground alien swarm mode. But I couldn’t be arsed (technical status) to recreate or copy that actor and all the associated custom dialog, weapons, and stuff. So why not simply link the custom alien in the mod to Fallout 4-76 via SKK476CustomActor in 5 minutes. Yay it works !

(1) Make sure there is no file called SKK476CustomActor.esp already in your [..\Fallout 4\Data] folder.

(2) Load FO4Edit/xEdit with the ESM or ESP (I don’t know about ESL) that contains the leveled actor you want to use.

(3) Select the [Non-Player Character (Actor)] _NPC record to use, the name usually starts with “lvl” for leveled, example: lvlDeathclaw

(4) Right click and [Copy as new record into]

(5) Change the editor ID to something unique to this ESP mod file e.g. lvlDeathclaw becomes SKK_476lvlDeathclaw. The actual name doesn’t matter as its invisible, it just needs to be unique in your load order. I_Like_Waffles will work (until it conflicts).

(6) .esp File name must be SKK476CustomActor

(7) If this is a new clean & fresh ESP the new NPC record number will always be nn000800, just check it is and if so [ CTRL+S ] to save. If it isn’t you have structural issues and need some xEdit support.

(8) Add SKK476CustomActor.esp below/after SKK476OpenWorld.esp and the source ESM/ESP file in your load order and enable through Plugins.txt or your mod manager.

(9) You can now select [ CUSTOM ] from the 4-76 holotape replacement options and they will appear as new cells load or respawn.

Using this method you do not need to worry about any other junk like custom inventory, voice type, faction, dialogue quests … nothing that’s all pulled through from the original source file as a master.

If you have any questions or comments post on the main mod posts thread as there are no notifications for posts here.

NOTE: If you are doing this for SKK Feral Replacement System the file name in (6) and (8) needs to be SKKFeralReplacementSystemCustomActor.esp